Tuesday 13 March 2018 marked a historic day in the life of the Ghana Navy as it introduced the wearing of Gorgets for the first time. The Guest of Honour and Acting CDS, AVM Nagai (CAS) congratulated the Navy for the bold steps and indicated that the Gorgets will create uniformity and easy identification of very senior officers in the Navy. The CNS in his welcome address disclosed that the Navy had resisted the change due to its deep-rootedness in naval tradition. He however added that the time had come for change hence the introduction.

The wearing of gorgets in the military dates back many centuries. It depicts authority, honour and rank category of the wearer. The Ghana Navy by tradition had not been wearing it. It has however become necessary to introduce it. Gorgets are worn by senior officers from the rank of Colonel/Naval Captain /Group Captain and above. There are however slight variations in the design of the gorgets for the various very senior officer ranks.